Thank You to our Volunteers!!

Your 800+ Volunteer Hours in 2019 have not gone unnoticed!

     August 20, 2020 - We are all in a time of uncertainty and unpredictability. COVID-19 has changed everyone's lives in one aspect or another. We are thinking outside the box on ways to hold classes and events in a safe manner with regards to COVID-19. We might not hold an event the same as it was in the past, but feel community is important and will strive to develop ways in which we may continue to interact safely as a community. We will be using our Facebook page, website, e-mail, and periodic newsletters to get information to you - our neighbors, our friends, our community! The Apple Fest will turn into an Apple Pressing event, the Old Fashioned Christmas Craft Fair will be an on-line only event, and the Christmas Eve celebration will happen with modifications (we certainly can't all cram into the little church).

     We were able to conduct an outdoor Nine Mile Valley Wide Yard Sale event, and the community was able to safely conduct a 4th of July Parade! Both of these fun public events have been requested for 2021 as well!  The Center itself has been undergoing a lovely transformation that includes a total refinishing of the schoolhouse floors in July and will continue with external painting and repair during the last week of August and first week of September.  These repairs are your donation dollars in work!

     The board has a very important Fall Newsletter in the mail of which includes mail-in ballots for our upcoming board elections and the much requested By-Law changes! No barbeque this year, due to COVID. Elections will be by mail-in and on September 9th, drop-off ballot at the NMCC. The most important By-Law proposed change concerns the membership of the NMCC.  Currently membership is limited to the 9-Mile valley. The proposed change opens membership to the 59846 zip code, to include the 9-Mile Valley, 6-Mile, and Huson residents. Only 9-Mile residents may vote on this By-Law change - let us hear your voice, every vote counts!!

     COVID-19 hasn't completed it's course yet. Please continue to check on your neighbors while staying at a safe distance to prevent spreading the virus. Is there anything that anyone needs? Dog food, toilet paper, etc? Is there anyone with a surplus willing to share? Please help each other. The Alberton Food Bank is also be a great place for food donations. In this community, we have more resources than we know what to do with. However, we don't know who needs what without someone asking the question. For example, one of our Board Members, has access to an emergency food bank. Does anyone have an immediate food need? Alberton's Senior Center is providing grab and go lunches a couple days of the week, with a potential for delivery available.

     No one is alone - we are all in this together. Do you have garden tips, craft ideas, or tips for kids and online school? Do you want to provide a virtual yoga class, aerobic workout, etc? Do you have pictures of the beautiful 9-Mile Valley that you would like to share? How can the Community Center be of service to you in the valley? We are open to ideas, and help executing those ideas...we can't do it alone. Imagination is the limit!

     Send us your needs, tips, videos, pictures, and links through Facebook or our e-mail: Remember, no one is alone - we are strong, we are unique, we are community, we are the 9-Mile! Enjoy in all the nature of our beautiful valley, stay healthy, and keep smiling!


National Register of Historic Places

The Nine Mile Stark School House and the Church are maintained to benefit and serve the community. They are available to be used for religious, educational, literary, charitable and social group functions.  The Nine Mile Stark School House was built in 1915 and served as the valley's school until 1949, when it was deeded to the community.  In 1995, the building was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


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