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Board of Directors



President - Steve King                         626-4294  

Term ends 9/2023

Vice-President - Richard Marler            626-5941 

Term ends 9/2022

Secretary  - Donna Weaver

Term ends 9/2024

Treasurer - Lucas Wells

Term ends 9/2024


Marketing - Lisa Hensley                    

Term ends - 9/2023

Steve Cummings                                626-5537         

Term ends 9/2022    

Tina Vierra McGill                               206-719-5340

Term ends 9/2022

Linda Hale

Term ends 9/2024

Jessica Crowley

Term ends 9/2024

The Board of Directors for the Nine Mile Community Center is comprised of 9 people elected from the Huson (59846 zip code) community.  There is also a Friends of the Community Center position, not a board position, that acts as a liaison between those wanting to build and volunteer for public community led or board led events. This position has assisted with the Apple Festival, Christmas Eve, Valley Garage Sale and much more! The Board generally meets the second Wednesday of each month, and usually at the Community Center.  Meetings start at 7 p.m. and are open to the public.  Come and learn what your Board of Directors is working on this month!   View the agenda and/or minutes of upcoming or previous meetings. 

Board seats are 3-year terms, which expire 3 at a time per year. Elections are held in September, with new Board members taking office in October.

Board of Directors volunteers not only help make decisions to manage the finances and maintain the property of the Nine Mile Community Center, they also plan and staff community events, and assist with private event rentals. Board members are expected to attend at least 60% of meetings, and to staff or plan several events per year.

If interested in running for an available Board seat, please contact the Board president or Vice President.

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