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Yearly in August

This event is a coordinated effort across the 9-mile, 6-mile and west Huson areas. Participants may host a yard sale at their home, or 

display their items at the NMCC flea market.

NMCC advertises this on Facebook and various media outlets to ensure good attendance. We try to put together a map of sale locations as well.

Community Center Sale:
To accommodate residents who have fewer items to sell, or who don't want to have traffic to their property, NMCC hosts a flea market on the Community Center grounds. Sale spaces are available for a small fee--watch for details closer to the event.


Residential sales:

There is no charge for listing your home sale. To have your sale listed in our advertising and event map, email us at or call Steve King at (406) 626-4294.

2023 Sale addresses (click for full-size map)

2023 Map_edited.png
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