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It was a home run!

The community's Centennial Celebration was a solid home run! Held on a sparkly September day, we welcomed valley residents to the 100th birthday celebration of the historic Stark School House.

The Missoulian provided terrific event coverage, including both a pre-event article and a special Sunday spread in its Territory section. Our school house stood both proud and pretty in all the pictures.

Putting the main classroom to good use, we crowded together to hear a series of terrific lectures that covered the past and present in the Ninemile Valley, and we learned great info on current creek reclammation projects.

Residents did themselves proud, bringing in the best potluck fixins' in the region! Tri tips were spitting and snapping on the grill, and a group gathered around the coals first thing in the morning - eyes fixed on the sizzle-action, and pining away for the dinner bell.

Valley historian Carol Guthrie built a comprehensive PowerPoint presentation detailing valley history - and it looped continuously in the little church. People were welcome to meander in at will, settle into a pew, and view the show. Kudos to Carol for her much-appreciated efforts!

And we capped the festivities with music under the pavillion. As a group, we simply sat back and soaked in the valley - the community, the natural beauty that surrounds us, and the sense of place that makes the Ninemile so incredibly special.

Thank you to everyone who helped plan this celebration, and to all who attended. What a wonderful valley we get to call our home.

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