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Valley Roadside Cleanup Day!

In June, valley residents gathered to get a little dirty and spruce up roadsides and trailheads in the Ninemile. We were joined by good folks from both the Ninemile Wildlife Workgroup and the Ninemile Ranger Station.

We had at least 45 helpers in attendance, and many others who committed to cleaning up the roadside areas adjacent to their properties. We appreciate all efforts to keep our valley looking good.

Roadside cleanups often yield "treasures" and our eureka moments included uncovering decent tools, a beautiful moose antler shed and a drone that had crash-landed.

After a busy day of picking and hauling, the Community Center hosted a potluck dinner. The 9MCC provided burgers and 'dawgs, and the community donated homemade salads and desserts. Best grub ever!

As always, these events help our community stay tight. We're a close-knit valley, and the 9MCC is enormously thankful for each of you.

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