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Craft Fair Recap

The annual holiday craft fair was a resounding success with over 400 people enjoying Ninemile hospitality! Fresh snow, blue skies and cold temperatures created a gorgeous backdrop for the 9MCC grounds.

Outside, we kept the bonfire blazing. Traffic was steady between the pavillion - which was manned by the Mineral County 4H gang selling holiday wreaths and trees -- and the Sapphire Mountain Men, who ran the popular black powder turkey shoot.

With a total of 22 vendors, we had an excellent fair with a fantastic selection for holiday shoppers. The historic Stark School House was humming with activity and holiday cheer.

A local TV station was also onsite, and the fair had solid air time during the evening news.

As always, the kitchen was incredibly popular. We served up homemade chili and soups, cookies, cinnamon rolls, etc.

The craft fair is the largest fund raiser we have, and the money earned helps us keep the doors to our community center open, and the bills paid. Big thanks to everyone who donated their time and energy to run the event, and to everyone who ventured up the valley with family and friends to enjoy the fair.

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